The Kaveh Glass Group is an umbrella company established in 1985. KGG is a leading manufacture of flat industrial glass and tableware with a significant share in both domestic and international markets.

Company has been in flat glass and tableware business for nearly 30 years, yet we have expanded our manufacturing capabilities and now we serve our clients in every major market around the world.



Low- Energy Glass

Low- E glass is a high performance glass in a family of innovative products designed to save energy. Low- E helps regulate the interior environment and guards against the cold and solar heat as well as damaging radiation without jeopardizing the view and daylight with considerable reduction in energy consumption.

Available Dimension:  600 X 321 cm

Thickness: 3 to 12 mm  

Colors Variety: Clear as well as wide range of colors




Tinted Glass (Energy Saver)

Tinted glass is normal float glasses which during the float melt, tinted chemical colorants are introduced during the glass manufacturing process. The end product does not affect the basic structure of the glass, but it will enhance its performance in relation to solar electromagnetic spectrum.

Available Dimension: From up to 600 X 321 / 366  to all the Secondary Sizes.

Thickness: 3 to 12 mm

Colors variety: Blue , Green "Dark & Automotive ". Gray and Bronze.


laminated-glass-big_thumb.jpg  UNILUX_Sicherheitsglas_thumb.jpg

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is a type of safety glass, where two or more sheets of glass are placed together with one or more layers of PVB (Polyvinyl butyral, a type of plastic) between them, normally at an interval of 0.38 mm. Please note, we produce Bullet Proof and accept custom made orders.

Available Dimension: From a Large Dimension 600 X 260 cm to a secondary dimension of 30 X 60 cm.

Thickness: 3 to 80 mm

Colors:We produce them in a great spectrum of colors, including what is available in Float and Reflective categories



Reflective (Energy Saver)

Reflective or coated is a process by which a very thin, practically invisible layer of metal oxides are deposited on the glass to give it heightened insulation against the heat and/ or cold. Our R&D Department has managed and will present the clients with the custom made orders.

Available Dimension: From up to 600 X 321 to all Secondary Sizes.

Thickness: 3 to 12 mm

Color Selections: Blue & Ocean Blue , Pink & Super Pink , Green , Gray , Bronze ,Gold , Super Silver and Super Titanium.



Pattern Glass

Pattern glass is a decorative glass and it is made with a rolled glass process. The semi-molten glass is squeezed between two metal rollers. The bottom rollers engraved with the negative of the potter. Thickness is controlled by adjustment of the gap between the rollers.

Available Dimension: From Up To 321 x 250 cm to smaller Sizes.

Thickness: 3 to 10 mm

Available Colors: Clear, Green, Blue, Bronze


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